Alla Kramer is, by far, the most well-rounded candidate for Indian River County School Board, District 5. Her hands-on classroom experience, business management skills, and exemplary community involvement will serve the people of Indian River County with the burst of energy needed to tackle challenges and foster fresh ideas.


Alla and her husband, former Mayor of Vero Beach Jay Kramer, have been actively involved in this community for the past 12 years. Her decision to run for School Board is deeply rooted in a genuine concern for the future of this community. The mother of two children who have attended five IRC Schools, both public and charter, Alla is in touch with the concerns and expectations we face here. She will be ready for the task on day one.

As a classroom volunteer for 10 years, Alla understands firsthand the issues faced by teachers, administrators, and parents alike. She had been a teacher prior to moving to Florida almost 20 years ago and knows that focusing on the individual and working together with parents is the key to every student's success.

With three degrees in education - a BA in Elementary Education and English as a Second Language, and an MA in Education - and as a successful business owner who has professionally managed staff and finances, Alla stands equipped to deal with all aspects, from required curriculum to finances to the safety of our children.

On everyone's mind today, is the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. For the past three years, Alla has been the HR director/ business office manager at the Assisted Living Facility. Being a front-line healthcare worker brings unique experience in dealing with infection control firsthand. When we are ready to open our schools, Alla will assure the safest way to do it. Students safety is priority.

Alla also believes in school choice and cares deeply about the quality of education in Indian River County. She will be a leader in promoting vocational / trade schools so that each child can reach his/her full potential.

Together with your financial support we can ensure a better future for our children and grandchildren. Please donate here.



“Focusing on the individual and working together with parents is the key to every student’s success! As your school board member, I will ensure a safe and positive learning environment where all students can flourish."


Alla Kramer


Experience is the foundation of solid leadership. Alla has been a teacher prior to moving to Florida almost 20 years ago and has spent a decade volunteering in the classroom. This hands-on experience is integral to keeping in touch with the needs of our school system.

• Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

• Bachelor of Arts in English as a Second Language

• Master of Arts in Education

• Business Owner

• Teacher

• Healthcare Worker

• Concerned Parent

Alla's multi-faceted experience brings a wealth of insight to the table. She has been actively involved in this community for the past 12 years.

"Not only is it a great pleasure to endorse Alla for School Board, it is a true honor to know this young woman, to watch her fight for the right to ensure a future of hope for our children, to look forward to the enduring positive impact Alla will have not only on our children, but her influence on this community and all our lives for the right values to cherish for a better and brighter future."

J-Winston Cullum Hamilton JD


Shaping the minds of future generations is a colossal responsibility. Alla believes the best education begins at home and that the alliance between educators and parents is imperative in the success of every student. Here are a few of her thoughts:

  1. Academic Achievement. Most schools in this district used to be A and B schools, this is not the case now. Unfortunately, it changed in the last few years. I strongly support Dr Moore’s initiative to get all our schools to be "A" and "B".
    We need to provide setting so that each student can achieve his/ her potential (It’s not a cookie-cutter approach). Set them up for success. Empower them to build self-esteem. I am a strong supporter of vocation school, where children can learn trade. We need to teach life skills, that current HS graduates don’t possess.
  2. Communication with parents. That will lead to more parental involvement. Include them in the decision making process. We need to restore the relationship with parents and teachers. Work as a team.
  3. Mental health of our students. Ensure schools have counselors to assist students; provide them with emotional and psychological support.


  • Providing a safe environment
  • Promoting self esteem
  • Empowering parents
  • Bolstering college, trade, and vocational interests equally
  • Recognizing the need for emotional and psychological support
  • Creating optimal settings for both academics and life skills



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Alla Kramer for School Board

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